Thessaloniki Design Week

Following two successful events in 2019 and 2021, Thessaloniki Design Week (ThessDW), Greece's first and only Design Week, already constitutes a well-established biennial institution, not only for the city of Thessaloniki but for the rest of the country. It is an initiative of the cultural, non-profit civil partnership Philartia, organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki and a number of other public and private bodies, organizations, groups and individuals. Since 2022, ThessDW has been a member of World Design Weeks, a global network with a track record of over 40 similar events around the world.

ThessDW consistent organization provides all representatives of the creative industry and all sectors and aspects of design and creativity with multiple prospects for expression, reflection, dialogue, extroversion, presentation, promotion, opportunities and synergies. ThessDW's envisions serving as a multi-level, participatory and collaborative platform that connects creativity with entrepreneurship, innovation, development, production process, domestic and international markets.

ThessDW 2021

The 2nd ThessDW took place 13-17 October 2021, despite the multiple challenges arising due to the pandemic and the restrictions imposed. The event was a great success and presented a rich and diverse program that received a warm welcome by the numerous participants. Under the general title "Innovation in Design", it was developed around two thematic areas ("Shaping public space" and "Creating in our personal space"), wishing to include the latest advancements in both large-scale and small-scale planning.

ThessDW 2019

The 1st ThessDW took place 5-12 May 2019 and the plethora of activities and events, as well as the number of participants and cooperating agencies, left a positive and strong impression. The central slogan and general theme of the 1st ThessDW was RE-CREATION , reflecting the dynamics that our society is called to develop in order to respond to the challenges, opportunities and possibilities of the new era.

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June 6-11, 2023
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