The  1st Thessaloniki Design Week  was organized from May 5-12, 2019. The event was a great success, receiving lots of positive feedback from visitors, participants, as well as the organizations that contributed to its implementation. Through a broad variety of events, ThessDW managed to generate a dialogue on the issues of design, creation and production.

  • 370 creators from Greece and 17 other countries
  • 10 workshops   with  145 participations
  • 31 lectures  and  presentations 
  • 9 exhibitions in museums and cultural venues
  • 32 companies, institutions, schools, fab labs
  • tours in 30 creative venues
  •  5 competitions, open invitations, awards
  • 1 International Conference  InnovationID
  • 116 volunteers 
  • 8,500 viewers from all over the world

Thematic Sections

Θεματικές ενότητες

 RE-CREATION  was the core theme of the first Thessaloniki Design Week, aiming to express the dynamics our society needs to develop in order to meet the challenges, opportunities and possibilities of the new era. A number of events and activities were organized across the city of Thessaloniki. The thematic sections of the events were inspired by the different contents of the core theme and were spread around different areas and cultural spaces of the city.

In the new era, where digital technologies are changing rapidly not only the ways of production of goods but also people’s attitudes, innovative design takes on a broad, holistic meaning in everyone’s life. And it is not just about the present; every new step of innovative design indicates what will be around in the future.
The new consumer needs and habits and the modern products they create do not only contain their own value but are also surrounded by projection and disposal systems, that in many ways stimulate the need to acquire and consume them. The qualities do exist, but acquire more complex and differentiated features, which give new identities and values to goods and services.
Developments that rapidly change production structures in modern societies leave behind shells in need of re-generation and transformation into new utilitarian infrastructures. Spaces and urban landscapes, new landmarks and their equipment get a new shape of life, creating poles of innovative behavior and urbanity.
Every expression of creativity, every new idea, is anxious for its launching, its weighting by the public, its possible recognition. Invitations that become challenges for new creators are the driving force for new productivity and growth.
In a world that is constantly reforming production models, with societies that are affected and others that get to the fore, personal skills of individuals are under constant judgment and need of adjustment. However, whichever the crisis and disaster’s impact, it may contain the seeds of a new creativity, an evolutionary process of producing new ideas and abilities.
Even for our primary, living needs, the satisfaction that accompanies them acquires deeper and more substantial completeness when the whole spectrum of our senses is stimulated and a total experience and overall pleasure is achieved. Everything that constitutes the well-being is detected, combined and re-fined, creating the new fugue of our bliss.


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