As an institution,  Thessaloniki Design Week  aims to promote creativity and innovation in all design forms, as they shape every aspect of our social and personal life. It seeks to contribute to the dialogue and search for new needs and technologies, which are constantly changing the production, economy, and environment, in a determinant and rapid way for the contemporary man.

Through exhibitions, conferences, speeches, seminars and guided tours in various parts of the city, projects, proposals and concerns are presented that bring together creators and companies, highlighting to the broader audience the social and economic significance of design.

At the initiative of PHILARTIA and in collaboration with the MUNICIPALITY OF THESSALONIKI and other partners, activities and events are organized in connection with the educational and research community of Greece and the international field of design. All ThessDW activities are aiming at encouraging communication, the exchange of ideas, synergies between individuals and organizations, and meaningful extroversion.

 Innovation  is seeing
what everybody has seen
and   thinking  
what nobody has thought.

Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi (1893-1986)


About Design

Υποβολή πρότασης

The general concept of design concerns almost every scale of space, objects and images that surround us, touching our senses as well as every aspect of our everyday life.

Design, however, is not just what we see; it’s a lot more than that. It is a process, but also a result. It is the human ability to set goals and find ways to achieve them. Design, as an image, sense and contemporary expression, impacts on a multitude of activities of the society, on the content of a city and ultimately determines the quality of life and daily routine of its inhabitants.

Design enters into a number of areas: from large scale and architecture to the design of small objects, from business promotion and branding to the artistic work and its forms. It enters into all aspects of well-being, everything that surrounds us and we move within, everything we carry or wear, the new technologies and the information we receive or transmit daily in the digital era.

The fields of design as they have been internationally defined:

 Creativity  is
thinking up new things.
 Innovation  is
doing new things.
Theodore Levitt (1925-2006)

About Innovation

Υποβολή πρότασης

Design Innovation is the creation of designs that are a “leap” forward. Innovation is technological and cultural evolution; the never-ending struggle to solve simple and complex problems for the benefit of the individual. This includes traditional design fields, but also the use of design and design thinking to achieve innovation in fields such as architecture, engineering and software development. The following are  common types of design innovation :


Objectives & Vision


Thessaloniki Design Week has been established as an institution for the city, giving the chance of expression, reflection and synergies in all areas and aspects of creativity. It constitutes a space of opportunities and extroversion for the entrepreneurship of the city in many ways. Multiple benefits are gained more widely in various areas, such as tourism and culture, from an event whose internationalization may generate high attendance.

Thessaloniki Design Week’s  core objectives , through a series of events are:

  • to highlight the significant potential of the city and country on all aspects of design,
  • to reinforce and introduce new process models for the creation and design of products and services,
  •  to develop research, concerns, dynamics and quests for all applications that entail design,
  • to create opportunities and prospects for linking creativity to entrepreneurship, production process, the domestic and international market, and give new alternatives to the creators under the current circumstances.

The vision of Thessaloniki Design Week is to operate on many levels as a  participatory platform  for a wide range of entities, entrepreneurs, individuals, scientists and teams of the creative industry, as an opportunity to develop research and innovation and to produce new suggestions and ideas, products and services; as a tool of expression, education and professional development, as well as extroversion of the city and its potential, connecting it to the corresponding institutions, entities and events abroad.

Emphasis is given to the development of collaborations with similar events and institutions, to the presentation-professional promotion of products and services of Greek artists abroad, to the promotion-export of Greek productions, events, exhibitions, to the development of synergies for the participation in Greek and European programs and, generally, to the pursuit of any form of collaboration in order to showcase and promote Greek creativity.

Some of the main objectives  are also:

  • The inclusion of Thessaloniki in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network
    ● The preservation and exploitation of the industrial and productive heritage of the city and country in sectors where design playsa key role
    ● The connection of the scientific and productive manpower of Greek expatriates with the respective manpower in Greece, through collaborations and shared projects.




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