The unprecedented period we are experiencing due to the pandemic leads to a revision of reality in all aspects of daily life, challenging the existing way of living. Under these circumstances, innovative design acquires an expanded, holistic significance, as the main medium for seeking and developing new ideas and solutions in communication, work, and every aspect of our social life.

In this context, the 2nd Thessaloniki Design Week is organized in 2021 under the main theme of  INNOVATION IN DESIGN . All aspects of the event focus on the innovation, ingenuity and experience of the creative manpower and entrepreneurship of the city and the country, in line with international trends, aiming at redefining and developing every aspect of our lives, from economy and production to the environment and health, through the design of – large and small scale – products and services.


Thematic sections


The 2nd ThessDW will be a platform for networking, extroversion and promotion of innovative ideas and projects in Greece and abroad, through a program of events and activities, the participation of organizations and creators, as well as competitions that are based on the following thematic sections.

the Public Space

In the context of the rapid and successive changes of the era, there is a necessity to redefine the existing means, tools and services, in order to upgrade and ensure the sustainability of our environment. Urban and public spaces are in need of innovative solutions in order to meet new challenges and achieve smooth operation and accessibility for all.

With a broader focus on “Smart Cities“, new possibilities are given to address these issues through advanced digital technologies, from large-scale design and architecture, to urban green spaces and equipment ιn the modern city.

Creating in
our Personal Space

The constant change in living conditions leads to reshaping the existing life model, personal choices and means, in order to meet the modern demands of well-being in our era.

The use of innovative solutions and practices and the advent of new experiences optimize everyday conditions in our personal space and develop new opportunities for personal expression, communication, education, entertainment, usability and functionality. Digital skills and online possibilities are expanding the personal space, giving other dimensions to interpersonal relationships, featuring however a number of unpredictable aspects.


In October,  the main event of Thessaloniki Design Week  will take place, in physical or hybrid form depending on circumstances, with exhibitions, conferences, workshops and guided tours that will spread across the city. With the collaboration of institutions and young creators, innovative solutions and ideas in key design issues will be presented.



Thessaloniki Design Week invites all interested parties to participate in the Poster and T-shirt competition inspired by the central axis of the 2nd ThessDW  INNOVATION IN DESIGN  to surround the logo of the organization. Participants are invited to visualize their thoughts, ideas and reflections on the theme of the competition in an original way.

Due to a problem created in the submission form of the Open Call we announce that the deadline will be extended till the end of the month on the  30th of June at 23:00 . You may use the form or alternatively attach the required information and files and send them via an email to . We apologize for the inconvenience.




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